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Window Blind Installation Phoenix

Curtain Installation Phoenix

Response Crew Handyman is your go to company when it comes to hanging window blinds and curtain rods in Phoenix, AZ. We preform window blind installation on a daily bases throughout the phoenix valley. Having blinds on your windows is a great way to reduce your electrical bill as well as getting some much needed sleep during hot sunny summer mornings.

Hanging Curtain Rods

Installing curtain rods and curtains on your windows is not only a decorative piece for your living room but is a functional solution for keeping your house cooler in the summer and privet in areas that face the street or other public view.

Let The Pros install your blinds

Curtain rod instillation is a simple process. Once you have the curtains you want you can pick up a curtain rod at any store or ask us to pick one out for you. Call Response Crew Handyman Phoenix to scheduled your curtain rod installation, normally we are 1-2 days out but in some cases we have same day available so keep your fingers crossed.

Window blinds can be a bit more difficult, you might need to have the supplier cut the blinds to fit your window opening. In these case, you can do this on your own but our window blinds installation techs are more then happy to take care of the hole process for you.

Our office number is 480-525-9825      Window Before Blind installation Phoenix Window Blind Installation Phoenix

  • Our service includes
  • Blind installation
  • Curtain instillation
  • Remounting hardware
  • Drywall repair