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Response Crew is your go-to guys when it comes to any house repair Scottsdale. Big or small, we do it all! From Home Repairs, Home Maintenance, Tenant Turnovers and monitor your properties while you are away or as a rental (ask about our monthly maintenance program). Whether it be patching dry wall or installing a new garbage disposals, Response Crew Handyman Scottsdale has you covered. It may be tempting to put off even minor repairs on your house, but sometimes these minor repairs can end up being bigger problems down the line. Keep your home in tip top shape and give Response Crew Handyman a call today for any of your Scottsdale house repairs needs.

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Response Crew gives FREE estimates over the phone for any of your house repairs. Call us anytime at 480-525-9825 and our friendly staff will give you a quote for your house repair in Scottsdale. We always give upfront prices with no hidden charges or fees, no service calls or drive fess. It’s that easy! Call us today and get your to-do list taken care of. We are happy to help!

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Our experienced technicians will get your house repairs done the right way, the first time. Are team is build of retired contractors, construction workers and home remodelers, put together we became a very experienced handyman team in Scottsdale. Let our handyman team get it done for you. Our experienced handymen can do it all and you’ll feel great knowing that your house repairs are in the hands of our skilled handymen.


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Is you house on the market? Did you have an inspection? send us over and we can help prepaid you home for the sale. Fix items on the inspection report or go over the house before the inspection.