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Mirror Hanging Scottsdale

Response Crew offers mirror hanging Scottsdale service for customers throughout the area. Wherever you need us in Scottsdale for help hanging mirrors, we are available. Hanging a mirror can be a little challenging, because they are heavier than pictures or paintings. You need to be sure the mirror is anchored properly or it will fall later from the wall. Our handyman techs are well versed in hanging all types of mirrors in the different rooms of a house.

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Mirror Hanging Scottsdale

To date this is still the hardest job we have done.

Is Mirror Hanging in Scottsdale Expensive?

The two things to consider with Scottsdale mirror hanging service is the weight of the mirror and the placement in the house or apartment. When mirrors reach heavier weights over 100 pounds, they require better anchors to keep the mirror properly attached to the wall. We believe it is worth some additional cost to make sure the mirror never falls down. The placement of the mirror inside the house or apartment can also add time to the job. If the mirror needs to be attached to a wall over existing objects, such as a large sink over steps, it takes creative thinking from our handyman team to complete the service. In general, our prices for mirror hanging Scottsdale service are very competitive. For a FREE mirror hanging quote, give us a call at 480-525-9825.

Mirror Hanging Throughout the House

It doesn’t matter where you want the mirror. Response Crew has seen and done it all. We hang small mirrors over bedroom dressers. We hang heavy mirrors over bathroom sinks. We have even attached mirrors over steps and high up on walls.

What Types of Mirrors Can You Hang?

  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bedroom Mirrors
  • Full Length Mirrors
  • Decorative Mirrors