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TV Mounting Scottsdale

Response Crew Handyman Scottsdale mounts TV’s, Projectors and can install any other entertainment equipment systems you might have.

In most houses the TV is the center of the home. It’s where everyone meets at the end of the day, where you relax and where you entertain friends and guests.

To maintain a well-designed home your flat screen or projector should be mounted on the wall or ceiling and the wires hidden to offer that modern sleek look.

No matter what size your TV is, and regardless if it’s going on a drywall wall or a brick wall we have the experience to mount it.

In most cases we offer same day service

To set up service call Response Crew at 480-525-9825

Mounted TV With Hidden Wires

TV mounted, cables and wires are hidden in the wall

Hiding wires behind the TV

The install of a TV is not complete until the wires are hidden in the wall and the outlet is behind the TV offering a slick look of just a screen on the wall.

If you would like us to run wire behind the wall and need help choosing the correct wire gauge and receptacle type (USB Ports Etc), let Response Crew do the shopping for you. We are experienced and have the knowledge and the tools to do so.   We will hide the power source, the coax cable and any other wires you have your for entertainment system. See more

Is this really expensive to do?

Response Crew Handyman has been doing TV mounting in Scottsdale, AZ since we started working in people’s homes over 10 years ago. We do this so often we got good and fast at mounting TV’s. This is why we can offer TV Mounting, this must have look for a very affordable price.

It takes us less than an hour to mount the TV And depending on where your closest Electrical outlet and Coax outlets are we can install a new outlet and run all the wires in half an hour completing the hole project in 1.5 to 2 hours at most. For our hourly rate please contact the office.