Response Crew is proud to partner with St. Mary’s food bank to help combat hunger this holiday
Our Handyman Technicians are collecting canned food and non perishable items from our
customers who wish to participate in the program. For each item you donate, Response Crew
will credit you $1 towards your service.
We thank everyone who donated and look forward to collecting many more times. Last day to
donate is December 19th.

About St. Mary’s Food Bank
Established in 1967, this non-profit organization stands tall as one of the largest food banks in
the United States, relentlessly combating hunger and poverty in the community.
St. Mary’s Food Bank operates with a clear mission: to alleviate hunger through the gathering
and distribution of food while encouraging self-sufficiency, collaboration, and advocacy. Their
efforts extend far beyond providing meals; they aim to empower individuals and families to
break the cycle of poverty.
What sets St. Mary’s Food Bank apart is its holistic approach. Yes, it distributes millions of
pounds of food annually, collaborating with a vast network of donors, local businesses, and
volunteers. But it doesn’t stop there. They offer programs that tackle the root causes of hunger,
such as job training, nutrition education, and assistance with applying for government aid.
The impact of their work reaches deeply into the community, touching the lives of children,
seniors, veterans, and individuals from all walks of life. For many, St. Mary’s Food Bank isn’t just
a source of sustenance; it’s a lifeline during challenging times, a beacon of hope amid
One cannot overlook the dedication of the volunteers and staff who fuel the engine of this
humanitarian effort. They are the unsung heroes, devoting countless hours to sort, pack, and
distribute food items with unwavering dedication and a heartwarming smile. Their passion and
commitment shine through, making a profound difference in the lives of those they serve.
Moreover, the spirit of giving and support from the community breathes life into St. Mary’s Food
Bank. Individuals and organizations come forward, donating not only food but also their time,
resources, and funds. It’s this collective effort that makes it possible for St. Mary’s to continue its
vital mission.

As we reflect on the importance of organizations like St. Mary’s Food Bank, it’s crucial to
acknowledge their tireless efforts in addressing food insecurity and poverty. They serve as a
reminder of the power of compassion and unity in making a tangible difference in the world.
St. Mary’s Food Bank stands tall as a testament to the belief that no one should go hungry.
Their commitment to feeding the community, nurturing hope, and fostering empowerment
resonates deeply, echoing the sentiment that together, we can build a brighter, more nourished
future for all.
Help us combat hunger and donate. Even 1 can or item makes a difference!
If you would like to volunteer you can do so here.