Smart Locks at a Glance

  • You will see more and more of them.
  • The prices are still high.
  • Smart locks are more about convenience than security.

The Smart Lock Invasion

Smart locks have been around for some time, but within the past year they have increased in popularity. What is a smart lock? It is any lock that uses an external wireless device for locking and unlocking. Automobiles have used smart locks for years with the key FOB being the external wireless device that locks or unlocks the vehicle.

The recent increase in smart lock usage concerns home doors and smartphones. New home smart locks from August and Kwikset are designed for the mainstream market. They are easy to install and anyone who uses a smartphone regularly should be comfortable using them. Price remains a major drawback, however.

Prices for Smart Locks Remain High

  • August $249
  • Kevo by Kwikset $219
  • Schlage $199
  • Traditional Deadbolt $25-$50

Smart Locks Provide Convenience

The main selling point for home smart locks is convenience. Your smartphone becomes your key to lock or unlock the door. Smart locks communicate with your phone wirelessly. When you approach the front door from the outside, the smart lock can unlock without even the need to take your phone out of your pocket. It can also lock when you close the door behind you, again through wireless communication with your phone.

Are Smart Locks Safe for My Home?

Smart locks work with most home deadbolts. They are simply an addition to your existing deadbolt. In this way, they are just as secure as a traditional deadbolt home door lock. Smart locks do have additional security features, which might be appealing to homeowners. They can be combined with things like August Connect or other home alarm systems. These home security systems cost extra and often require ongoing service agreements for monitoring.

Opening door lock with phone

Should I Buy a Smart Lock for My Home?

At this point, smart locks for homes are priced for early adopters. We expect the prices to lower, as more smart lock products become available. It is inevitable that smart lock usage will expand. In 5-7 years, you should expect to see smart locks on most new homes built. If you are the type of person who enjoys using new technology and does not mind some occasional bugs, you are a perfect candidate for a home smart lock. Otherwise, Response Crew suggests waiting a bit longer for the prices to come down. You will save some money and get a better product.