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Do you need your windows replaced? Are your windows worn, old, and causing your electricity bills to sky rocket? There are many reasons why investing in new windows is the right thing for you to do today.

  • New Windows will Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Even though you will spend money initially by replacing your windows, you will end up saving a lot of money on your energy bill which makes replacing your windows worth it. Old windows may have seals that are worn or damaged and this can leak air. This is especially a problem here in the Arizona heat! New windows have tighter seals and will help prevent air from leaking out. No more drafts! According to experts, replacing your windows can save you up to 20% on your energy bill each year. That’s huge savings and who doesn’t want that!

 2. New Windows will Increase your Re-sale Value

Your home is your biggest investment and adding new windows can add huge value to that investment. Replacing your windows and adding in fresh, cleans ones can add major curb appeal to your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, replacing your windows can really help boost value and make your home stand out against others. Choose windows that let in a lot of natural light and try keeping your shutters or curtains open, as experts say that houses with open shutters or curtains sell faster.

 3. New Windows will Ensure you are Safe and Secure in your Home

Investing in new windows will help keep your home and family safe and secure. Sometimes old windows can make it easier for invaders or burglars to get inside. Equally as dangerous, old windows may be difficult to open from the inside if they are painted or nailed shut. This can be a safety issue if there was ever a house fire.  This alone is a reason to install new windows. In Arizona, high winds and monsoon conditions may wreck havoc on old windows and cause harm to you or your home. Replacing your windows can help ease any of your safety or security concerns.

  • New Windows can Act as a Sound Barrier

Does the constant sound of traffic or dogs barking wake you up in the night? Or does the neighborhood kids’ constant play interrupt your evening meal? If so, you may want to think about replacing your windows with sound blocking windows. These windows cane reduce sound by up to 95%. These windows will block out noise and sound by adding air space in between the panes and by adding thicker glass panes.

5. Update your home and stay current

Think of this, your looking for a house, its 2017 you walk into a house that was build in 1970, its 47 years old. You don’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for something that is almost 50 years old! You don’t want to live, look and touch a house that is that old. Renewing your house is painting it every 5-7 years, updating the kitchen every 15 years and replacing the windows every 20-25 years.  Do this and you will love your house like it was build in 2017.

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