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How To Hide Wires Behind A Mounted TV. Handyman Scottsdale, AZ

How To Hide Wires Behind A Mounted TV. Handyman Scottsdale, AZ

How to hide wires behind a mounted TV

Q:My TV is mounted on the wall but I am sick of looking at the wires hanging from it. How do I hide the wires?
Response Crew Handyman Customer, Scottsdale, AZ

Mounted TV On Wall

After the TV is mounted but before the cables are hidden

For this project you will need

  • Recessed outlet (I used one that has USB ports),
  • Stud finder
  • Fish tape tool
  • Drywall saw
  • 6-7 foot #14 wire
  • Find a good spot to install recessed outlet

Determine a good spot that is behind the TV but won’t bother the TV mount. Use a stud finder to make sure that you are not over a stud. If you are close to one you can use it to anchor the recessed outlet box but most boxes are designed to anchor into drywall.

Installing TV Mount Outlet

Where should you put your recessed outlet behind the TV

Cut a hole in the drywall

Use the instructions from the recessed outlet kit to determine the size of hole you will need. Mark the wall then cut with a drywall saw.

Outlet Box For TV Mount

Recessed outlet will prevent cables sticking out to the TV

Fish the wire

Use a fish wire tool to run your electrical and cables from the nearest outlet. Its easiest if you are using an outlet that is directly under the TV.

TV Outlet Behind TV Recessed Outlet

Wires hidden in wall runing to a recessed outlet

Connect all the wires and remount TV

DISCONECT THE POWER to the outlet before you connect the wire to the live power source. Using a tester make sure you have no power in the outlet then connect the wires Black for Hot, White for Neutral and Green for ground. Make sure all your connections are secure and that nothing is exposed before closing up both outlets.  Connect all the wires and hook up the TV.

Mounted TV With Hidden Wires

TV mounted and cables and wires are hidden in wall

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