Custom shelving from reclaimed wood

Open piped shelves offer a modern look at a low cost. They are made of high quality, sturdy materials. But, they are much cheaper than traditional cabinetry because of their simple design! These are a great option for anyone seeking custom shelving.

These sleek shelves have been made even more popular by Johanna and Chip Gains on their show, Fixer Upper. For good reason, too. They open up a room and add a touch of personality. If you love the look of repurposed materials, this is the storage solution for you!

Take advantage of your wall, its not only for hanging pictures

Last month we talked about storage solutions. They have the important job of keeping your home clutter free. This opens your home and allows you to create functional spaces. Do you love what storage and shelving can do, but want to incorporate them attractively into your home? Then this is the trend for you!

Response crew handyman Scottsdale, AZ can make custom shelving for your Scottsdale or Phoenix home.

Follow these 5 simple steps

If you love the look and want to know how to pull it off, here is what you should know:

  1. Choose Location: These shelves look great in a number of locations. A few common favorites include:

Replacing kitchen cabinets with this open shelving design

Adding built in shelving to bathrooms and laundry rooms

Bringing structure to living room entertainment wall space

Custom reclaimed barn wood shelfs

  1. Choosing Hardware: In our example, we used galvanized steel. Other options include

Black coated steel gives a clean finish

Copper adds a unique glimmer

Paint to match existing decor for a fun pop

Shelves and pipling

  1. Choosing Wood: In our example we used reclaimed barn wood from Porter Barn Wood. Other options include:

Butcher Blocks add a unique flair to any kitchen

Red Oak is a sturdy, affordable option

Pine Wood is an affordable option that looks clean on it’s own or can easily be dressed up

Reclaimed wood for shelving


  1. Choosing Style: In our example we choose to create simple L-shaped brackets with the piping. Other options include:

S-Shape design that curves underneath each shelf

Pole mounted design that draws a clean line from top to bottom

Corner shelving which wraps around an adjacent wall

Response Crew Custom shelves from reclaimed wood

5. Choosing your centerpiece: All that is left to decide is what to put on them! Depending on where you chose to install them in your home, there are a number of options for how to dress these shelves.

Elegant dishware and serving pieces, an inviting array of folded linens, free up room on your desk by putting up your wireless printer and paper materials

Do you want to open up floor space or replace existing cabinetry with an updated look? Open piped shelving is an affordable and eye catching solution. If you are ready to pick a design that works for you, give us a call at 480-525-9825 today.

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