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Open up your home with this simple hack

Do you need more closet space?

Everyone has that closet that isn’t well utilized and often the organizational system in place doesn’t match your needs. In many cases the design of the closet shelving doesn’t take advantage of the space. Once you assess how you plan to use the closet, it’s easy to choose a design to meet your needs.

Most Phoenix and Scottsdale homes needs more storage and shelving space

When considering closet space the three most common renovations customers request are the pantry, the wardrobe and garage storage. Closet space shelving should not only optimize the space available but also fit your needs.


Let’s get things started with the lifeblood of the home. This is often the most utilized room in the home. Having a well-organized kitchen, with enough space for everything to have a place is key will greatly reduce clutter. In turn, it will open up room to maneuver, create wonderful meals, or simply grab a snack.

If you have a closet in or near your kitchen that is not being utilized consider turning it into a pantry. It’s a great place to store rarely-used appliances, bulk foods, snacks, and paper goods. The right pantry is a fantastic way to de-clutter cabinet and counter space!


Now, let’s take a look at the second most employed closet space in the home: The bedroom. Does your bedroom closet have an open space design? Many have nothing more than a hanger rod and maybe one shelf, high at the top. This can lead to lots of empty space.

Installing shelving will create more usable space. Shelves provide room to store shoes, linens, seasonal wear, and more. With all of that safely tucked away, it will be easier to grab your everyday items.

Garage Storage

Finally, let’s talk about the garage. Many homeowners use this space to store tools, seasonal decorations, and equipment. Without a proper storage system, these seldom used items tend to get lumped together. This can create chaos and confusion when it comes time to find an item in need.

While most garages do not have pre-existing closet space, they are not lacking in open space! If you have an open wall, you can have a storage system built to meet your needs. Think of how simple it will be to find items once they’re moved off of the ground and out of the way with garage shelving!

As you can see, shelving and storage systems can reduce clutter by opening up more storage space in your home. If redesigning your closet space just makes sense, don’t wait another minute. Call 480-525-9825 for a free quote today. We can give you the space you need!

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