Summer is coming to a close and suddenly it’s time to buy school supplies! But have you thought about giving your child’s room a once-over to see if there are any improvements that you can make? Let’s review some simple tips for setting up your child’s room for success when going back to school.

1. Clean
Let’s focus on first things first. Starting with a cleaner canvas will help you to assess what the room needs. And it’ll be so much more pleasant to work in! Remove trash, clean the windows, wipe down the trim, and vacuum or mop the floor.

2. Dejunk
Outgrown clothes, broken toys, and any no longer needed items need to go. Time to lighten the load and let the gently-used items bless someone else. Set up a “Donate” box and fill it with outgrown or infrequently used items. If your child has a hard time parting with something, you can consider boxing up a few things to put in storage and decide on later. If there are items that need to be replaced, make a note.

3. Storage
Once you’ve eliminated unnecessary items, you’ll be able to better assess your storage needs. You may find that at this point, you’re good to go storage-wise. But, it may be time for a new dresser or a new bed with built-in space-saving storage. Perhaps a set of shelves would be helpful. Once you’ve purchased your new furniture, we’d be happy to assemble it for you so you can focus on school supply shopping, new school clothes, and new routines! Contact us for a free quote.

4. Study Area
Whether your child is just starting school for the first time or entering their last year of high school, they need a place to study, work, and create. Is it time for a new desk? A new chair? How’s the lighting? If you need help with assembly of your study area furniture, we can help.

5. Décor
This is the fun part! Has your child outgrown their current décor? Is it time to switch things up? Find some Pinterest inspiration and collaborate with your child to come up with an inspiring color, layout, accessory, etc., that will help pull the room together. Just changing up the wall color can make a huge difference. Need some ideas for decor? Here’s a fun list we found.

Once you’ve cleaned and dejunked, solved your storage issues, established a comfortable study zone, and had some fun with décor, that bedroom should be more than ready for the school year. Regular tidy ups and assessments throughout the year will ensure that the space remains workable and conducive to study, sleep, and creativity.

If we can assist you in setting up your new furniture in your child’s room, or in other rooms in your home, please contact us so we can get started!