If you are one of the many local residents who enjoy extended vacations during the hot summer months, you know that there are precautions to take before leaving your home. Let’s review some good ideas for securing your home before you leave so that you can enjoy your trip stress-free!

1. Resolve any maintenance issues
Have you been putting off some small repairs? We can help. Let our handy service crew take some of those nagging repairs off your to-do list before you leave. We can provide a free quote.

2. Schedule a repair during your absence
No time to get those repairs done before you leave? Is your regular handyman on vacation too? No problem—we’ve got you covered! Leave a key with a family member or neighbor, or grant us access through your smart lock or lockbox and we’ll get those repairs taken care of while you’re gone!

3. Set up lights and motion detectors and cameras
It’s a good idea to install timers on your lamps/lights. You can set up the times yourself for turn on and turn off. Exterior motion lights can also be a good security measure. Now’s a good time to set up a security system, but even fake cameras and security signs can be enough to make a burglar think twice before approaching your house.

4. Mail and newspapers
A bulging mailbox is a dead giveaway that you’re not around. You can ask the post office to hold your mail (get details from your local post office). You could also ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect your mail for you. It’s a good idea to suspend a newspaper subscription during your absence as well.

5. Landscaping
Take care of any neglected jobs before leaving and arrange for maintenance while you’re away.

6. Clean up!
No one likes to come back to a stinky, buggy mess. So take the time to do a few simple cleaning chores that will insure that you have a pleasant return. Clean the garbage disposal, take out all the trash, clean out the fridge, and do all the dishes before you head out.

7. Lock up your valuables
Make sure your important papers, ID items, and documents are in a waterproof, fire-rated container and are out of plain sight.

8. Cut down on the energy
Save on electricity while you’re away by unplugging some of your electronics: desktop PCs, cable boxes, TVs and other entertainment devices, digital display washers and dryers, modems and routers (unless you are taking advantage of Wi-Fi smart technology for your light timers and thermostat while you’re away–you might consider changing your Wi-Fi password before leaving). Small appliances can also be unplugged.

9. Keep it cool….enough
Set the thermostat to keep your home’s temperature stable while you’re away. You can typically keep it between 80 and 85 degrees in the summer, unoccupied. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you’ll be able to turn that temperature down just in time for your arrival back home!

10. Secure the perimeter!
Just before leaving, make sure to remove any spare keys you have hiding outside. Double check all windows to make sure they are fully locked and secure. Check all the doors to make sure all locks are engaged.

Have a wonderful vacation this summer, stay cool, and remember….if you need help with repairs before or during your vacation, we’re here to help. Call us to arrange a free quote!