Not all kitchens are build alike. I moved 2 years ago into our current home and I remember thinking where should we put the dishes, cups, mugs, kids cups Etc. Till this day when I open the cabinet where we store our glass containers, I think to myself “we should rethink this decision”.

It’s not easy to set up the kitchen or any storage space for that matter.

Recently we got a call from a customer who just moved from CA to AZ and into her new home. As she was arranging the kitchen she noticed that there is no pullouts for her garbage bins. She tried doing what the previous owner did which is having a garbage bin under the sink but found that it is to small of an area for the garbage and when taking it in and out it was just to messy. So, she came up with the idea of converting one of the 32 inch double cabinets into 2 separate cabinets, one would have a shelf and the other with the pullouts.

Our Work

  • We started by finding a piece of plywood that matches the finish of the correct cabinet interior.
  • Build the wall to dived the cabinet into 2 compartments.
  • Add support for the shelf and install the shelf
  • Install the pullout brake

Total time for the job was under 2 hrs. Cost of plywood and other material (including pull outs) $100

Here is a short video of how it came out. Let us know if you like it?