You just got done with a huge flooring project at your home. After weeks of going to tile stores, flooring outlets and meeting with flooring contractors you finlay picked out the type of tile you want, baseboard and hire the contractor you felt best working with. 

You want to say the project is complete but you discover that your Bi-fold doors can’t be hung, your closet Bi-pass doors are swinging loose as well as your barn doors. 

The contractor tells you that this is an easy fix, just drill some holes in the tile and install the guilds that keeps the doors from swinging. Any handyman can do that! 

This is true, and Response Crew Handyman would love to help you finish your flooring project. But, you might feel that you can drill a few holes and screw some screws in yourself. This may be very true, you can do this yourself If you want, you might even enjoy it! 

But Wait! Ready This First. 

Drilling holes in tile or stone  is not the same as drilling in drywall. It requires special tools and a bit of reach and understanding. Nothing more than a few YouTube videos and a blog post to learn about the process and the tools you need. 

At Response Crew Handyman we wanted to help educate you on how to drill a hole in tile or stone. We know you trust us to do the work, so naturally you will trust us with advice on the process.

Watch this video of the work being done. You can read the notes in the description or down below the video in this article.


DIY Drill A Hole In Tile Or Stone

Tools you will need.

  • Drill
  • Set of tile and stone drill bits
  • Water or spray can of glass cleaning product
  • Towel
  • Sharpie
  • Non-expanding anchor sleeve (plastic is best)
  • Hammer


How to drill the hole?

First find the spot you want to drill the hole in and mark it with the sharpie. 

Depending on the size of the hole you need start with a small drill bit and apply light pressure to the mark 

Make sure that you are on drill setting (NOT HAMMER). Start at a slow speed and increase as you are getting a bit of depth. 

After a few seconds of drilling, stop and spray or wet the area of the hole. 

You want to make sure that the tile and drill bit don’t overheat. 

Once you drilled through with the smaller size drill bit you can switch to a bigger one. 

Once the hole is complete, insert the plastic anchor sleeve and tap lightly with the hammer to get it in. For the last tap you can screw in the screw and tap lightly on the screw instead of the anchor so the hammer never touches the tile. 

Make sure that the anchor you are using is a non expandable anchor, the ones that when you screw the screw in they expand can put pressure on the tile and damage it.   

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Hope this was helpful.

Response Crew Handyman