drywall repair of hole in wall in Scottsdale, AZ

This customer in Scottsdale had a small hole/indentation in their wall. While this is a relatively simple drywall patch repair, there are still some best practices to keep in mind, if you want the finish to look like new.

Drywall Repair Steps

  1. Trim any frayed edges from hole.
  2. Secure mesh screen over hole.
  3. Apply compound over the hole and outer mesh area.
  4. Sand the surface before painting.

Trim Edges

Use a utility knife to trim any edges that might jut out from the hole in the wall. You do not want any bumps or raised areas.

Secure Mesh Over the Hole

Make sure the mesh screen is as flat as possible.

Apply Compound

The compound should be spread across the taped area. It is important to make sure enough compound fills the area of the hole/indent behind the mesh. Remove excess compound as you smooth it out over the area.

Sand Surface and Paint

Once the compound dries, sand it down to smooth things out. The last step is to paint the area and you are finished. If the hole was in a high visibility location, such as eye level in a bedroom or living room, you might want to prime the surface before painting. This will give you a better finished look.