As we head into fall, with the temperature finally beginning to cool, let’s take a look at a very common handyman request from our Scottsdale clients – Sliding Door Repairs. During the summer, your sliding doors probably do not get much use. It is hot and you spend more time indoors. You are not giving the sliding door much thought or regular use. Then the weather begins to change and suddenly Scottsdale backyards and patios become a fun place to be again. That sliding glass door, which has been sitting closed for most of the last 4-5 months is now expected to work perfectly. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Let’s discuss what causes the issues and how to remedy the situation.

Clean Dirt and Debris From Your Sliding Door Track

What happens often is the track gets filled with dirt and debris over time. It is not cleaned and the sliding door begins to stick. Rather than cleaning the track, what usually happens is Scottsdale homeowners and apartment renters push and pull the door through the obstruction. This leads to bigger problems with the sliding door frame getting bent. Let’s think through your options for when you need a handyman to repair the sliding door and when you can handle it yourself.

How To Clean Your Sliding Door Track

  1. Get out the vacuum and add the brush attachment.
  2. Begin by vacuuming the outer area with the sliding door closed.
  3. Next open the door and use the brush attachment to scrub loose any caked on dirt or debris. Continue scrubbing with the brush and moving the vacuum along to suck up the dirt.
  4. Test out your sliding door. Is it moving back and forth easily?

When To Call Response Crew for Sliding Door Repair

If after cleaning the sliding door track, you still notice it getting stuck, this is a sign that you need to give Response Crew a call. The issue will likely be one of the two listed below.

Sliding Door Track Is Bent

While it is not a complicated repair, you probably do not want to attempt it alone or at all. The door itself will need to be removed from the frame to allow full access to the thin metal guiding track. The thin metal needs to be bent back to its original guiding dimensions. Our handyman technicians do this type of repair every week throughout Scottsdale and the Phoenix valley. For us, it is a normal day on the job. For you, it probably is not worth the trouble. The doors are heavy and the last thing you need is the glass to crack or shatter. There is also a bit of playing around you always need to do when adding the sliding door back to the frame.

Adjusting Tension Screws

This is not really a complex repair. Using a screwdriver, you adjust the tension screws to raise of lower the door. Clockwise raises the door, while counter-clockwise lowers it. Why shouldn’t you do this yourself? If you have the correct screwdriver, go for it. However, many times we see stripped screws from Scottsdale clients who attempted to adjust with a smaller screwdriver than needed. Without the adequate size, they apply too much force and the screws strip. Now, you have a bigger issue on your hands, because we need to remove the stripped screws and install a new set. Let us handle this repair and save yourself the potential headache.

Sliding Door Wheel or Spring Is Damaged

Your sliding door works with a wheels and spring system. These parts can break over time or if enough force is applied. This commonly occurs when a door is forced open or closed. Both are repairs that you need a handyman to complete. The door needs to be taken off the frame, damaged parts removed, and new parts purchased then installed.