Cooler temperatures are finally here! YaY. Tis the season to hang out on the patio, open the window for the cool breeze and enjoy the backyard. But wait, don’t forget to close the door behind you and make sure that the screens on your windows are properly sealed, and here is why? 


 During the hot summer months we get all the desert pests out and about. Scorpions hunting for food during the night, rattlesnakes setting up to ambush rats, and mice and roof rats looking for a place to call home. The list goes on but you get the point. When the temperature drops these creatures look for a warm and safe place, like your house to call home till the summer months come back. Scorpions don’t like the cold much, during the winter month they group up and hibernate. The build of their body and flexibility, allows them to take advantage of even the smallest of gaps in your doors, windows and flooring. Rats are the same, as long as the nose goes through the body follows in.   


You might recall a blog posting we did in the summer “keeping the heat out and the house cool” where we point to the weatherstriping and window sun screens. Back then we focused on keeping the heat out but the same maintenance applies for keeping the Pests out!


  1. Review all of your exterior and garage doors. Make sure the weatherstipping is sealing correctly. You shouldn’t see any light from the outside.   
  2. Clean window and sliding door tracks. Allowing the windows and door to slide better. Make sure they close and latch properly.
  3. Review all your screens. On your windows and sliding glass doors. If they have holes in them, they are not effective. 
  4. Garage Door weatherstipping all around the door should be sealing all 4 sides of the door when closed. 
  5. Concrete slab gaps should be sealed with appropriate caulking.    


These useful maintenance tips will help you keep not only the pests out but the heat in! If you would like help implementing any or all of these items and you are located in Arizona in the Phoenix area or Tucson area we are happy to assist you. Contact our office through our websites Contact Form or call us. Phoenix 480-525-9825 Tucson 520-523-3338