I see my neighbors exterior lights on the side of the driveway and by the front door ON at 8am when I leave my house to go to work. And I ask myself do they know that their lights are ON?

How can I automate my exterior lights to go ON/OFF?

I used to turn ON and OFF my lights every day manually. I would turn it ON when it got dark and OFF before I went to sleep. Sometimes I would forget the lights ON for days. And when I travel, I had no choice but to run then ON all night and day until I returned. Sometime I would think to myself, this is just like putting a sign up in front of the house that reads “I am away”!

  • Around 10 years ago I ran across the Defiant Timer Switch. This product allows you to set a schedule automatically turning your lights ON and OFF. You set the clock and program the schedule and forget about it. 6pm ON – 5am OFF, you can choose the days as well.
    This product is easy to install, has its own screen and works pretty well. I only have a few comments: Defiant Timer Switch
    1. The ON/OFF manual button is very small and hard to operate.
    2. Summer and winter sun set changes,  you need to reprogram manually to correct the daylight.
    3. It’s “stupid” technology compared to what you can buy now for the same price.
  • 4. The product is big and takes up a lot of room in the electrical box (harder to install)


Automating your exterior lights to go ON/OFF made easy!

When Smart Switches first hit the market, a switch would cost $50. Even though I thought it would be super cool to lay in bed and say “Lights OFF” and the light would shut OFF, I was not willing to invest thousands of dollars to upgrade the house to a smart home.
But now, a few years later I see more and more of these smart home technologies hit the store and customers requesting the installation of them.

Leviton Switch/Timer

Leviton Switch/Timer

I bought this switch at Home Depot for $25. Same price as the Defiant. This one doesn’t have a screen on it, but there really is no need for one. After a basically regular install of a switch, you download the App and pair it via Bluetooth just like you would with a pair of your headphones.
Through the App you can control, ON and OFF as well as set a schedule. Since its connected to the WiFi it knows when sunset and sunrise are and you can set it do that function.

I found a great installation Video on YouTube for the DDS15 switch. Shows you how to wire it and how to set up the App.

Controlling your lights through an App, setting in on a schedule or even by daylight is easy, better then other products and beats doing it manually.

Are you thinking about adding Smart Home Products like a Smart Light Switch?

At Response Crew Handyman we are doing these types of installations daily. Our techs can install and assist with the programming. Since we are a handyman service, you might be saving some money on the install allowing you to buy more or better technology products.  To set up an appointment with Response Crew Handyman call our office at 480-525-9825 or submit a free quote request through our website.