Ever wonder how a professional handyman hangs multiple pictures, letters, numbers or anything else all at the same height and level? Experience plays a role, yes, but you can do this too even if you hang pictures every few months! The key is in the tools.

Using A 3 ft Or 6 ft Level To Hang Multiple Items

I use my level all the time, I have levels that range from 3 foot all the way to 6 foot long. I have a metal square that is 6 foot on the long side and 3 foot on the short, I use a type masseuse and I am very experienced at measuring twice, marking the wall, measuring again and lining everything up so that it sits perfectly on the wall.   

There is a better way to hang multiple items

But, this takes time, and lots of it. Being a handyman and getting paid by the hour, I need to be fast as well as efficient. The way to do this is to invest in advanced tools. One tool that I use for mounting, hanging and squaring up is a self leveler laser. 

Ryobi ELL1750

When I first started investing in laser levelers I bought the Ryobi ELL1750. For a very low price, this tool comes with 2 bubble levelers and can run a red line 20 feet long. It comes with a docking tool that you can mount to the wall, a magnet if you are working on a magnetic surface and suction cups. The line runs until it hits something and gets blocks (not so good). This tool is a good/fare tool if you are going to use it once or twice a year. It is missing some key features but meets its price point. 

Bosch GLL 30 

For the professional user or if you prefer to buy a quality tool that will get the job done easier and faster this self leveling tool, Bosch GLL 30 is the way to go without breaking the bank. Iv’e used this tool for things like: 

  • Hanging Pictures
  • Mounting TV’s
  • Mounting White Boards
  • Art, House Numbers or anything else
  • Mounting doors and windows.
  • Installing tile
  • Mounting Shelving
  • Can lights or other ceiling items

It is quick to set up and easy to use. Sitting on a table or tri pad gets the height you need and informs you if you are level or not. It comes with a mounting tool that has a great grip and can be mounted on all types of stuff like door handles, the edge of a table or even the handle of a chair. 


You can find better, more involved self leveler laser cross line tools but for what we do everyday, this tool seems to be a great fit! Here I show you how I mounted 8 cork tiles on my office wall, the whole project took me 5 minutes or less. Using the Bosch self leveler, 3M double sided tape, a tape measure and a pair of scissors. If you have any questions about this project you can email Response Crew Handyman or call us to set up any type of handyman service you need.