Have you tried calling Response Crew Handyman lately to book an appointment only to find out that we are booking a few weeks out? We know that this is frustrating and not what you expected! 

When we set out to offer quality, trusted and reliable handyman services, our goal was to offer same day service for smaller projects and half day or more appointments within 3 to 5 days. 

Lately it seems that we simply cannot keep up with the demand. We are running at 150% asking techs to work more and more hours, give up their weekends so that we can help our customers get projects done and repair taken care of. 

Why can’t we keep up with the demand?

As we are so excited and grateful that more and more customers choose Response Crew Handyman over other companies we hate and feel bad to let customers wait 2 or more weeks to get even simple jobs done. 

It seems that the solution here is very obvious, that all we need is to hire more technicians to keep up with the demand. And if this is what you are thinking then you are 100% right. We need to hire more qualified techs. But that is simply easier said than done.

How we hire and train technicians makes all the difference. 

Over the 10 years we have been operating and growing Response Crew Handyman, we have been listening and learning from you, our customer, on what type of handyman you’re looking for. We’ve also learned more about ourselves, and what types of services we should focus on in order to offer the best customer experience, even if it means to decline a job and refer customers to other qualified contractors.  

We have tried many different types of hiring methods and on boarding processes. Sometimes we get lucky, even luckier than we expected while other times we make poor decisions and ignore vitly red flags. But over the many years our hiring process has become more reliable and accurate. Our on board and training process has improved and holds the newer hires to a higher standard than we’ve ever offered before. 

How long does this take to hire more technicians?

Our top of mind is the experience we offer our customers. It takes a special person to be able to check off all the check marks we are looking for. Reliability, customer service oriented, communication, honesty and truthful are just some of the traits we are looking for. On top of that we look for knowledge, quality workmanship and caring for the customer’s home and property.

This process is one that we know our customers are expecting from us. It is one that we hold ourselves to. And unfortunately, this process is one that takes time and a lot of it. Rushing this process has proven to fail time and time again. Upsetting customers and damaging our reputation. So while we are grateful for the business and eager to help every customer, we are making the hard decision to ask customers to wait a few weeks in order to receive the service they are expecting from us. 

Do we expect the wait time to change anytime soon?

Yes, we definitely do!. At this moment we have 2 techs in training and we are searching for 2 more. We recently added another full time tech who was in training for a few months and we can already feel a sigh of relief from long time loyal customers. Read about our techs Here.

Response Crew Handyman thanks everyone who has and is extending their patients while we climb out of this challenging time. The quality and experience has always been our focus, and will remain so.