Are you getting ready for the summer heat? Every year our customers ask us how to prepare their house for the high summer temperatures? We all want to keep our house cool and efficient during the next couple of months. Here are a few ideas and recommendations on how to do that. 

What you can do to keep your house cooler

Here are a few things you can review and make sure that your house has and that they are all in working order. These few items will help reduce the high temperatures from coming into your house. Combined they will make a serious impact on your energy efficiency and help keep your house cool. 

In this article I’ve included a video of me building a window screen, this is a fun and easy project most DIY people can do. Stop by your local hardware store and pick up a window screen kit or the parts to make a sunscreen. Remember that Response Crew Handyman can help you with this project if you would like new windows screens and don’t want to do this yourself. In some cases we offer to come out and masseur the windows, order the new screens and return to install them. This might be more cost efficient. 


Here is our Stay Cool Checklist to get you started

  • Exterior door weather striping. Make sure they seal well.
  • Ceiling fans are in working condition. 
  • Consider adding a ceiling fan in missing rooms/areas.
  • Adding a ductless AC unit or window AC to rooms that get poor circulation. 
  • Replacing or adding window screens to keep direct sunlight out.
  • Tinting windows that have sun exposure.
  • Adding curtains and blinds to all your windows and sliding doors.
  • Getting an AC company out to review your AC units.
  • Close up drywall holes you might have to help insulation work better.
  • Review roof vent pipes for seal and covered with a mesh.
  • Install a vent fan in your attic to create air flow.
  • Review quality and seal on windows.

Can window screens help protect me from the summer heat?

Window screens help keep the bugs out when your window is open. But, can it also reduce sunlight from heating up the air inside your home? Yes, depending on the mesh you have. 

One easy way to keep the heat out is adding sun screens to your windows with a heavy dark UV protected mesh. When it comes to the summer heat, every step you take counts. Replacing the mesh is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to reduce the outside heat from affecting your cool air. 

If you need help with any of these items on the Stay Cool Checklist give us a call. Most of the items on the list we can do and whatever we don’t do we have a great referral for you.