As part of our Stay Cool Checklist blog series we bring you here an item that will help you keep the cold air in and the sun riese out! And, while doing so, elevate your living space look and feel! 

During the summer month, the air around us wants to be hot, it’s default temperature is based on the outside temperature, during the night it cools off a bit as the sun is making its way around the world but with long daylight hours and high temperatures don’t expect anything less then hot air. 

Cooling off the air is a constant fight, the inside air might reach a comfortable temperature but the exterior walls and windows are hot, and without strong insulation and continuous AC the temperature inside will rise fast. 

To protect from the summer heat all homes should have: 

Insulated walls (exterior & garage) 

A good conditioned roof with insulation in the attic (6-8 inches)

Weather striping around doors and windows

Quality windows, dual or triple pane with noise reduction and insulation


These are all structure items and should be updated every decade or so as they can be costly. I recently changed 3 windows in my house all facing south, the strongest sun exposure in my case. I paid $5500 for the windows installed. Pricy but a good long term investment. 

Windows facing East and South get more sun exposure

Easy fix, cover your windows as much as possible, especially during direct sun hours. But doing so might make your home dark and claustrophobic. Depending on budget, you can add all types of window covers. 

Window Shutters ,Window Blinds, Window Curtain.

All of these can be electric with a remote control and some can even be programmed to open and shut depending on time of day, outside temperature or even through an app if you are out of town. 

When buying window covering keep in mind that material used can make a difference. Fabric types, colors and even distance from the window. 

Put in some research into the color and material you’re choosing. Price is not the only factor.

Design ideas

I love looking at photos on Pinterest. They give great design ideas and teach you about products you didn’t know exist. If you’re looking for a beach house look or a south western feel, you can search in Pinterest by theme. If you have a color in mind or something that you need to stick to, you’re sure to find great design ideas.

Curtains for many reasons

I like window curtains for many reasons. In my house I have blinds in all the bedrooms as well as curtains. The blinds are close to the glass and serve as the first defense. The curtains on top add color and block out any light that can slip through the blinds. 

In the living room I skipped the blinds, I have pretty curtains that block out sunlight and look great open or closed.     

Adding blinds and curtains are easy, they are widely available and can fit any budget. You can choose from hundreds of styles to fit any look you want or match something you have going. If you move they can be removed and the holes can be patched easily. If you want to upgrade the look you can don’t feel like you through out money. 

Best of all, you can call Response Crew Handyman to install both blinds and curtains. If you have any questions about this article or any other call us at 480-525-9825