Can you believe the summer months are around the corner?!

Neither can we! But, we’re so excited to welcome summer break, and the pool days that come with it. Something else we’re excited for is walking into a nice cool house from the triple digit heat outside.

Last call for all exterior and attic work!

What better way to prepare your house for the summer months than by installing an attic ventilation fan?! Get all of your exterior and attic work done before the end of April, as we will limit out door and attic projects starting in May and continuing through the summer months. Book Now!

What is an attic ventilation fan you ask? And why do I need one?

Think about this – the hot Arizona sun beaming down on your rooftop in mid-July. The temperature in your attic can easily rise past 160 degrees. Your metal air conditioning duct is located in the attic. You might have little to no insulation and a poorly designed ventilation system that doesn’t let air out of the attic. You’re working against yourself, it’s time to change your cooling strategy!

Attic ventilation fans are installed between your ceiling and  your roof – your attic! It is designed to pull the hot air out of that space and bring cooler air into the attic.  You can set it to turn on, based on the temperature in the attic, no need to turn it on manually. Plus, it will stay off in the winter to save life and energy.

The circulation of the air will decrease not only the heat in the attic, but the temperature of the insulation and ceiling drywall as well as the metal air duct vents. Of course this is not a solution to replace your HVAC system. But, it does allow for more efficiency and works hand in hand with your other “keep the heat out” home improvements.

If you want to learn more and determine whether an attic fan would be a fit for you, give us a call at 480-525-9825. We would be more than happy to help you out!