How we repair a door jamb?

A popular request we receive is to repair door jambs.  I am the owner of Response Crew Handyman and I have had this done at my house many times. I once came home in the middle of the night, everyone was asleep and the door leading into the house from the garage was locked. I had little choice but to kick in the door (not recommended) and brake the door jamb. Another repair was done after my kids slam the door and over time the wood simply couldn’t take it any longer and cracked.

I had this service done and the technician repaired it differently…

There are several ways of doing this repair. It really depends on the condition of the door and availability of material. What one handyman might choose to do is not the same as another, there is no right or wrong, as long as the door jamb is fixed to a “like new” condition. The outcome is all that matters!

Here is a short video where we show and explain the process of repairing a door jamb. This job took place in a Scottsdale home during the month of July 2021. The job took 2.5 hours and approximately $35 in material. We did not paint the door or door frame after the repair, though that should be the next step.

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