All of my friends know I own a handyman company, they all know I’m pretty handy and well rounded when it comes to home repairs. Recently I had a friend ask me how long does it take us to replace a ceiling fan? He was asking because he wanted to compare his non-handy skills to the pros! It took him an hour and a half to complete the task, not bad I said :) What did you do after that? He looked at me with tired eyes and said rested for the rest of the day, I was beat! 

I am sure that he was tired after that, but I bet he was very happy with himself sitting on the couch enjoying the breeze of the new fan. What a difference it made, look at the room now! 

Transforming your living spaces

As a handyman technician working in customers homes, one of the best parts of the job is doing the before and after walkthrough. Reviewing the customers wish list and what needs to get done,  fast forward to the end of the job, seeing how in such a short time the house was transformed. From bear windows to styles curtains, broken cabinets with pots on the counter to functioning sliders drawers and clear counters! New light fixtures in and out of the house ,doors that actually close. Nothing gives me more pleasurer then  I love seeing the look on the customers face when they get a To-Do list done and the rooms are transformed! 

All of this in a half day job!

Here is a short video of a To-Do list at a customer’s home. You can see all that was done and how in just 4 hours the technician did repairs, updates and transformed living spaces to comfortable and modern areas.  


To-Do List Gone:

  1. Patch drywall holes in living room (old curtain rod holes)
  2. Hang curtains
  3. Added weather striping to front door
  4. Replace flood light to Ring smart light with sensor
  5. Remove outlet and wire outdoor lights
  6. Replace 2 exterior light fixtures
  7. Install 6 remote controlled lights on 13 ft patio ceiling


Not bad for a 4 hour job including a material run to the hardware store and cleaning up.