Full disclosure

Response Crew Handyman is not a landscaper and we normally don’t do landscaping type work. We do however in some cases help with things of landscaping nature such as irrigation leaks or replacing a valve.  To better understand if you need this type of service please contact our office by phone or email. 

Why Replace My Irrigation Valve

For month Iv’e been noticing a wet spot in my backyard, it was on the grass around a sprinkler. I asked my landscapers to fix this and all they kept telling me is that they don’t know what it is or that they don’t do irrigation repairs! I’ve learned that “Landscapers” means, cut and blow grass. If you need repairs better call a handyman! 

Replacing The Diaphragm

At first I thought that I would replace the Diaphragm. This is a rubber lip that lives in the valve and lets water through based on pressure that is released from the valve controller. It also prevents water from coming back into the pipe AKA contaminated water. When water comes through and the value is in the off position, 9/10 times the diaphragm is the issue. But, as to be expected, in my case I can’t find this type of diaphragm. I did the same repair 2 years ago and had to look for the diaphragm at a few different stores. This time I decided that I am skipping the process of hunting for old parts and replacing the entire valve.

DIY Replacing Irrigation Valve

Honestly, this is not a complicated project, you don’t need lots of tools, no plumbing knowledge or handyman experience is necessary. Here are the Tools and parts you will need:

  1. PVC pipe cutter
  2. Red Hot Glue
  3. Teflon Type
  • New Valve
  • 2 Coupling 
  • 2 Extension rods

To learn more about this project and how to do it, watch the video. I go over it step by step and even give a Pro tip. If you still have questions or don’t feel comfortable doing this project on your own, call the Response Crew Handyman office at 480-525-9825 and we can help you.