How To Apply Roof Sealer? 

Response Crew Handyman is not a roofing company, we don’t typically offer roof repairs. We do however offer some roof related repairs such as Fascia Board replacement and pipe, vent or crack sealing. In this case, the repair was done on my house. 

 To better understand if you need this type of service please contact our office by phone or email. 

Woke up to a wet ceiling and carpet

If you live in Arizona you know, it doesn’t rain very often. Most days the skies are blue without a cloud in sight. But, when it does rains, it pours!  it rains a lot and fast! All of the sudden you have pools of water standing around your front yard.

I did a pretty big exterior remodel a few month ago. I raised my back patio ceiling, and added a small wall on the edge of the roof to support the weight. In order to build the wall, we had to tie into the existing wall, this meant that the roof foam had to be cut into (I have a flat roof, no tiles just foam). When the Stucco guys did their part, they added a piece of metal (flashing) over the gap but apparently they didn’t do a good job sealing it. The next morning after the big overnight rain I found my ceiling drywall wet as well as my wall and carpet.

Henry’s wet patch for roof sealing

At first I thought I might have a big issue on my hands but when I went on the roof I calm down. It was clear that the water was slowly sipping through the crack between the wall and the roof. Iv’e used this product, Henry’s Wet Patch to seal around vent pipes and other small cracks. It works great! A bit messy to apply and I end up throwing away the tools I used during these jobs but anything to get the job done right!  

DIY Sealing Roof Cracks

Honestly, this is not a complicated project, you don’t need lots of tools or any roofing experience, If you are compertable getting on your roof and getting a little dirty on your hands and knees you can do this one all on your own. 

In this Video I saw you what was my issue and how we applied the wet patch. You don’t need to wait till the rain stops as this is a wet patch and will apply during the rain, it takes a few hours for it to dry might even take a few days depending on the weather.

To learn more about this project and how to do it, watch the video. If you still have questions or don’t feel comfortable doing this project on your own, call the Response Crew Handyman office at 480-525-9825 and we can help you.