If you have kids, pets or just dirty doors for whatever reason here is a fun and easy project that you can pull off and it will empower you to do more painting projects around the house. 

Painting Interior Doors. 

This project does not require any special trades experience or complex preparation. With very few, simple tools you can get this done over a day or two and have legit bragging rights. 

For this project you can use a brush but I strongly recommend you use a paint sprayer. If you seldom do painting projects around the house, I recommend you buy an air sprayer, they are affordable and will give you great results on a small painting project like this one here. You can also rent one at a local hardware store.

You will need: 

  • Drop cloth 8×10
  • 2 sticks of wood 1×3 x 24 inches (2 for each door or reuse after each door is done) 
  • Paint – Semi Gloss 
  • Screw driver
  • Drywall screws or 1.5 inch long screws

To start: 

You want to choose an area outside that gives you enough room to set up the door and leave it standing for a few hours  to dry (depending on the temp). 

Lay down a drop cloth or plastic sheet. 8×10 area is a good size.

Remove any hardware off the door (locks, handles, child lock) 

Take the screws off the hinges (only on the door side, not from the casements) this will help you when putting back the doors.

To the bottom of the door screw on each side a stick of wood so that the door can stand. This will help you paint the doors in one shot. 

Place the door over the dropcloth. Your interior doors should be standing now on the two sticks of wood. 

Fill the paint sprayer with the paint. If this is the first time using the sprayer, start in the middle of the door so you get the hang of using the sprayer. Use your wrist to move the sprayer with steady and consistent strokes. Don’t forget to paint all 4 sides of the door.

After you sprayed both sides of your interior doors, let the door dry for 2 hrs, then check to see if they dried. 

Re move the wood supports from the bottom of the door and re-hang the door. Install the hardware after you hung the door. 

As always if you would like Response Crew Handyman to do this for you please call 480-525-9825

In this video you can see how we recently painted interior doors at a customers home.