You probably don’t think much about your home’s wall outlets. In fact, you probably take them for granted. But what if you could update them to be even more useful than they already are?

Good news…you can!

Why would you want to? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Safety
    • For worn out or failing outlets
    • GFCI—a safety feature to reduce electrocution risk if there’s a fluctuation of currency
    • Child proofing (TRR—Tamper Resistant Receptacles)
  • Convenience
    • Built in USB chargers
    • Built in LED nightlights 
    • WiFi Smart outlets
  • Aesthetics
    • Get rid of the visible wear and tear
    • Install a more modern look
    • Recessed outlets
home outlets examples

Update Your Home Outlets:  Child-proof, Nightlight, Recessed (from left to right)


Safety is the #1 reason to take charge of and consider replacing and upgrading your current wall outlets. If you notice worn out, loose, or failing outlets this is the perfect sign that it’s time to replace them.

GFCI outlets (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are a type of outlet designed to help protect you and your family from any potential electrical hazards. This outlet will constantly monitor the electricity that’s flowing in a circuit. If any interruption is detected, the outlet will shut off power to that circuit.

TRR (Tamper Resistant Receptacles) are a must if you have young children who either live in your home or who might visit your home. These home outlets feature a moveable barrier that prevents small children from inserting any objects into the outlet that could potentially shock them or even accidentally start a fire. Having TRR outlets installed will give you peace of mind!


How often have you needed to charge your phone or tablet only to have the closest outlets already being used by lamps, TVs, appliances, etc.? Why not install a USB outlet? These outlets have a built-in port for your charging cord with the added bonus that you don’t have the bulky plug! Therefore, you can charge your portable device just with the cord directly into the wall outlet! So convenient, and it doesn’t take up any extra “plug” space.

Not only are built in LED night-lights convenient, they also use less energy and typically have a 20-25 year life expectancy. A light sensor will turn on the LED when it’s dark. They pull energy directly through the outlet and don’t require rewiring or batteries.

Did you know that you can install WiFi Smart outlets? You can implement these to use with any smart home devices you might have. This gives you the freedom to automate some of your wired items (such as indoor and outdoor lighting) so that you can control them with a tap on your phone or a voice command. You can even schedule them to come on at the same time every day. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry; we can get all this set up for you!


Over the years, your home outlets can take a beating. They often crack or just show their age by looking dingy and dirty. You’ll be surprised at the difference just updating the look of your old outlets can make!

Not all outlets are created equal anymore, and there are just as many new looks for outlets as there are cool functions. Match the décor of your room with new and updated outlets. You can buy outlets in more colors now than just white and off-white!

You can install recessed outlets to streamline the look of your home while at the same time saving space. Traditional wall outlets make the plug stick out pretty far into your room.


You’ve probably gotten some ideas on just what kind of outlet replacements would work best for your home. Why not give us a call and let us do the leg work on installation? You can contact us for a free quote!  We can help you with other home updates as well.